Yondu's Recruitment

What we look for:

  • New players willing to learn and invest in themselves
  • Veteran players willing to teach instead of sneer
  • PVP pilots (FW experience is a plus)
  • Miners and Traders
  • Wormhole explorers
  • (Aspiring) Fleet Commanders
  • Players that like helping an alliance grow

What we don't tolerate:

  • Awoxing, we do not shoot fellow militia, period.
  • Elitist behavior towards other alliance members
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, you win some, you lose some...GF
  • Entitlement; we help you any way you can as a courtesy, not because we have to

What we offer:

  • Free meta-fit FW ships to keep you flying
  • Extensive Buy-Back program
  • Research, invention and manufacturing facilities
  • Moon Mining in boosted fleets
  • Small gang unlimited PVP, daily fleets
  • Laid back welcoming environment for new and veteran players
  • Training for FC, Logi, Black Ops etc
  • Local private market seeded at or below Jita pricing
We are currently actively recruiting for the areas listed below. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to one of our recruiters by joining our public channel: Yondu's Bar. Get to know us, join one of our fleets! Any "Yondu" fleet ran by our main FCs will be open to militia members!

  • Experienced and rookie pilots welcome, attitude matters more than skill!
  • Small gang PVP for Faction Warfare
  • Escalations to BC/BS and Cap Fleet
  • Daily Plexing and Roaming fleets
  • Free Rookie ships to keep you flying
  • Conditional SRP on losses

  • Any level miner including alphas welcome!
  • Free ore- and gas mining ventures
  • Large moon mining operation in the safest space in all of New Eden
  • Mine in fleets with boosts for higher yield
  • Buy Back of all ores by the alliance

  • Any level explorer including newbros and alphas welcome!
  • Free entry-level exploration ships can be requested
  • WH exploration / Hacking vets available for teaching
  • Full Buy Back on all Relic Site and Data Site salvage

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