How to set up a Buy Back contract

The easiest way to get your stuff delivered to the right person for the Buy Back program and get your ISKies, is to set up a contract. Some corps have buy back boxes or do direct trades, but contracts can be set up at any time, for anyone (that person doesn't have to be online) and you get paid directly when the contract gets accepted. Easy-Peasy! So how do you do this, well...

Start by selecting all the items you want to include in the contract and right-click on any selected item to get the menu as shown below. Select "Create contract" to begin.

On the first page, make sure it is set to "Item Exchange" (should be the default) and under that set it to "My Corporation" or even better, make it out to your CEO in the "Private" field above it.

If you selected all the items to begin with, you can skip the second page or add additional items there. On the third page, you can enter the money you will receive when the contract is accepted (I will receive). To get the correct price, use Evepraisal at Jita Buy -10%. If you are not sure how to do it, there is a guide! Set the time to 4 weeks, enter a description (this is optional) and click next.

The fourth and last screen is an overview of the contract you are about to make. Double check the details to make sure they are correct and then click next to create the contract. All done!


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