How to determine Buy Back value

Alliance wide, all buy back is done at "Jita buy -10%", which means you will make 10% less compared to hauling everything you want to sell to Jita yourself and selling it there. This is done to sponsor the corporation you are in and helps offset the cost of infrastructure and doctrine ships. Now to determine the value we use a website called EvePraisal:
Evepraisal website.

To use Evepraisal, first make sure you're in game inventory is set to LIST, copying and pasting icons does not work!

Next, select all items (CTRL+A) and copy them to your clipboard (CTRL+C).

Now go to the website and paste the list into the dialog screen (CTRL+V). Make sure the prices are set to Jita, and the rate to 90% (to get -10% prices) as shown below:

If everything went well, you will be presented with the list of items and their market value at 90%. Go to the bottom of the list, and the number listed as buy value is the value to use when setting up a contract.

Make sure that at the top of your list it clearly states prices displayed are at 90% of Jita value! A bright orange bar should be at the top like this:


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