Welcome to the Yondu Confederation website. We are a group of industrial and PVP corporations engaged in Factional Warfare under one banner. We offer the best of both worlds: on one hand we have safe space to mine, manufacture and research combined with excellent ISK making opportunities through our buy back program for ores, Planetary Interaction products, Relic and Data salvage, Loyalty Point items and manufactured product. On the other hand we offer the unlimited PVP content of Factional Warfare with free rookie ships and daily PVP fleets and special events.

We do not do politics or drama, we have no reason to boast or prove ourselves the best, we don't look down on new players or inexperienced PVPers; we help train and explain. We don't hold your hand either though, everyone in Yondu is expected to make the best of themselves. Less Bitching, More Doing.

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